Mission/Teaching Trip to Brazil

Our own Jeff Phipps will be heading back to Natal, Brazil May 26 through June 6 to teach several new courses, including Old Testament Survey and Bible Study Methods.This visit he's also adding Picui to his itinerary. 

He will also be meeting with the Natal Evangelic Pastors' Association to discuss future conferences. This is a great opportunity to expand our outreach in Brazil.

Financial needs for this trip are estimated to be $2,500 to $2,800 and can be designated on a check made out to West Houston BIble Church.

Upcoming Baptismal Service

We have several members who are interested in a baptismal service. If you or a family member sould like to be baptized, please let Robby or Pam Richards know so you can be included in the event. It is currently scheduled for July 9 at Grace Bible Church in Northwest Houston.

Camp Areté - Save the Date!

The dates for 2017 Camp Areté have been set for July 16–22. This year the camp will be in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. For more information, visit the Camp Areté website.

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