Dr. Dean in Kiev

While Dr. Dean is teaching at the Word of God Bible College in Kiev we will be hosting a couple of guest speakers and showing several of the sessions from the recent 2018 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference. On Sundays Elbert White will be bringing us the message from God's Word and on Tuesday evenings our Dallas Theological Seminary student, John Williamson, will be enlightening us on the Book of Jonah. Thursday evening classes will be speakers from the Pre-Trib Study Group. The Pre-Trib sessions will be livestreamed, however they will not be posted on the www.deanbibleministries.org website due to copyright issues. If you are not able to attend or livestream the session, please e-mail  and we'll send you the link and password for the private video. Please respect the owner's copyright and do not forward the link/password to others.

Please remember to pray for Dr. Dean's travels, his teaching in Kiev, and his health during this time.


E-Mail List Update

We are in the process of updating the WHBC e-mail contact list. If you haven't signed up to receive e-mails from the church, please sign-up online on this website. When you sign-up online, you have the option to select the types of e-mails you'd like to receive (i.e., class cancellations, prayer requests, Chafer Conference information, general WHBC information, Christian pro-Israel and Jewish interests).


Sunday School Helpers Needed

If you have even an inkling of desire to communicate truth to our young people, we have an opportunity for you. Come observe our Sunday School classes and see if you'd like to participate in this vital ministry within WHBC.


Keeping Worshippers Safe Inside the Church

HPD, pastors brainstorm church security after Sutherland Springs

WHBC church leadership is implementing additional security procedures since the shootings at First Baptist in Sutherland Springs. Several of our leaders attended a recent seminar sponsored by the Houston Police Department for awareness and training.


Some security procedures have already been implemented while others are being developed at this time.


Chafer Seminary Training for YOU – Tuition Free!

Have you ever thought about taking a seminary-level course to expand your biblical study skills or knowledge of Scripture and theology? Or, do you desire to learn more about biblical or church history? How about learning some Greek or Hebrew?

Maybe your focus is not on being a pastor, but you teach Sunday School or are in church leadership. Here’s a wonderful opportunity for you.

If you are a member of West Houston Bible Church then you can take up to two Chafer Theological Seminary (CTS) course offerings tuition free. CTS has a partnership program whereby members of churches that contribute beyond a certain amount to CTS each year can take courses tuition free (maximum of two courses per student per semester). You just need to cover the cost of the registration fee ($30) plus any textbooks required for the course.

Registration for the Spring semester is under way.

If you are interested, please go to the chafer.edu website to look at the course offerings. You can also contact Beverly Penner <> for further information.